Includes a choice of soup or salad,rolls and butter, vegetable, and choice of potatoes or onion rings.


BBQ Chicken
Two drumsticks and thighs, oven-baked, then broiled with Margie’s blend of delicious BBQ sauce.

Ground Round Steak
Tender and tasty fresh ground chuck beef served with fresh button mushrooms sauteed in butter or our onion rings.

Margie’s Famous Chicken Fried Steak
It’s not chicken and it’s not steak. It’s beef sirloin double-cubed, breaded and pan fried; then covered with Margie’s tasty country gravy.

Country Ham Steak
A thick slab of country cured ham complete with the traditional pineapple ring on top.

Margie’s Rib Eye Steak Dinner 
12 oz. Rib eye, smothered with fresh sauteed button mushrooms or our onion rings




Margie’s Special Meat Loaf

The best ever. Thank you Ina Davenport!!

Vegetarian Delight
Sauteed mushrooms, vegetables, cheddar and jack cheese, fresh fruit, and choice of potato

3 Pan-Fried Center-Cut Pork Chops 
On tasty country gravy.